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The BESY Energy Platform is an innovative energy management system that allows individuals to automate the response of their energy consuming devices to a localised electricity price. It uses electricity prices to coordinate the response from Consumer Energy Resources to support reliable electricity supply at the lowest cost.

The BESY Energy Platform establishes a localised electricity price that reflects the operation of the local power station or the cost of supplying the local community. The price signal is dynamic and moves at either 5 or 30-minute intervals. Consumers use the BESY Energy Platform to set the prices at which their devices will respond. The BESY Energy Platform uses cloud-to-cloud communication to trigger devices to respond to changes in the localised electricity price.

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As part of the transition towards a zero-emissions future we work with local governments, network companies and equipment manufacturers to establish and maintain reliable and efficient electricity supply.

We achieve this with the help of residents and small businesses by providing the tools and incentives needed.

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About us

BESY Energy is an initiative of Incite Energy Pty Ltd (ABN 64 612 341849). Incite Energy is a registered participant in the National Electricity Market, an Authorised Electricity Retailer and signatory to the New Energy Tech Consumer Code. We are grateful for the support received to date from the Commonwealth Government and Queensland State Government.

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Support has been received through AusTrade and entrepreneurship grants. The Commonwealth Government directly supported the use of the BESY Energy Platform on Norfolk Island.
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Incite Energy create Large Generator Certificates (LGCs) through ownership of renewable power generation. Residents and small businesses typically receive the financial benefit of Small Technology Certificates with investments made in conjunction with the BESY Energy Platform.

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